Our History

Our History

HTS-110 was formed in 2004 to capitalise on the world leading research programme into HTS materials carried out by Industrial Research Ltd (IRL) – a Wellington based, New Zealand government owned science and innovation company.

IRL has more than 25 years experience in wire material and applications development with an active programme undertaking fundamental and applied research on materials and application specific areas such as generators and transformers. HTS-110 maintains a strong link to IRL, who in turn maintain close technical ties with AMSC (American Superconductor Corporation) for wire material development and testing.

In February 2014, New Zealand listed engineering company SCOTT® Technology Ltd extended a majority shareholding in HTS-110 to take full control. SCOTT® Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of automated production and process machinery for the appliance and food industries and is recognised by its clients, which include all the major appliance builders in the USA and internationally, as a world class builder of advanced automation systems.

HTS systems from HTS-110 offer:

  • Robust cryogen-free refrigeration systems with fast cool-down
  • Very high feild per unit weight or volume
  • Industrial ruggedness with high tolerance to vibration
  • Fast ramp rates

HTS-110 magnets, components and custom products are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Materials characterisation and hard drive development
  • Online NMR spectroscopy systems for the biotech, pharmaceutical and biomaterials industries
  • MRI Magnets used in medical imaging equipment
  • Clean energy applications including ship propulsion systems, wind turbine manufacture and superconducting energy storage systems
  • Storage ring and beamline magnets used in synchrotrons for material analysis
  • HTS coils for use in motors and generators