Solenoid magnets

Solenoid Magnets

HTS-110’s shielded solenoid magnets are available in two ranges – a low-profile (“LM”) lower field range for space constrained applications and a high field (“AG”) range with magnetic field strengths in excess of 12 tesla for standard designs. These magnets are typically used for measurement systems for materials research that include:

  • Magnetic domain imaging
  • Hysteresis loop plotting
  • Scanning laser microscopy
  • Brillouin light scattering and magnetic circular dichroism
  • Quantum Hall resistance standards

Key advantages include:

  • Compact size – the low-profile solenoids in particular are small and light (~20kg) and can be placed under microscopes and into other constrained spaces
  • Cryogen-free operation with no helium or nitrogen handling, storage, level monitoring or pressure-vessel safety issues
  • Rapid cool down* from room temperatures, allowing faster installation and for the system to be turned off when not in use
  • Zero to full field in as little as 10s*, providing faster throughput of samples and faster analysis of samples that require variable field
  • Low stray magnetic field reduces interference with sensitive instruments
  • High magnetic homogeneity in central field (<1%) providing a large “good field region” for analysis

*Performance dependent on magnet configuration

Our standard products can be customised to meet a client’s specific requirements such as changing the orientation of the cryocooler, improving magnet homogeneity for more demanding applications and assisting with interfacing with client sample handling/cooling systems.