HTS-110 metrology

HTS-110 magnets are installed at leading industrial sites and research institutions around the globe.

HTS-110’s use of high-temperature superconductors in our magnets allows:

  • High magnetic field in a compact package – easing installation and overcoming spatial constraints
  • Cryogen-free operation with system cooling provided by a closed-cycle cryocooler – no cryogen costs, handling or safety requirements
  • Fast magnetic field-ramping allows higher throughput of samples
  • The ability for the magnetic field to be varied or turned on and off with ease provides flexibility and the opportunity to relocate

Our clients have found that HTS-110 magnets enable researchers to develop new materials more rapidly whilst taking advantage of the convenience of smaller, lighter cryogen-free magnets.

HTS-110 works in partnership with clients to identify the optimal solution for their magnet needs by remaining engaged thoughout the design and manufacture process through to on-site installation for the more complex systems.

HTS-110 has a range of standard magnets, ranging from traditional dipoles through to solenoids (including low-profile solenoids). In addition, HTS-110 has substantial experience in magnets destined for synchrotrons such as beamline and bending magnets.