Current Innovations

  • HTS-110 systems are integrated into cutting-edge tools which analyse a wide range of materials, such applications as leading-edge nanotechnology, ultra-high capacity hard drives, and in the future accelerated drug development and biofuel plants.
  • Our developments in beamline magnets and NMR magnets take full advantage of the properties of HTS wire to deliver compact cryogen-free magnets with field strengths in excess of 8 tesla, which provide researchers with next generation magnetic environments for materials characterisation and analysis.
  • Prototype systems like the HTS-110 AC scanning magnets trialled in the semiconductor industry and the world's first high-speed HTS rotor for a 2MW generator (which has been spun at 14,000 RPM), are examples of the boundaries that are constantly being extended by HTS-110, working in partnership with a network of New Zealand companies.
  • In addition our MRI magnets will be at the forefront of providing solutions in the medical imaging field and our coils are being used for innovative ship propulsion as well as marine mine-sweeping systems.