Custom Products

Custom HTS components

HTS-110 has been designing and manufacturing HTS coils and other HTS components and sub-assemblies since its inception. Efficient product development combined with excellence in engineering and rapid prototyping allow HTS-110 to provide the capability to deliver standard and custom components quickly and efficiently. Custom design and manufacture acts as an incubator for next-generation products such as compact MRI systems.

HTS-110 excels in solving industrial problems with HTS solutions. AC magnets as well as higher field DC magnets, are being actively developed at this time. For projects with substantial technical risk HTS-110 undertakes development with a systematic approach. A design study is often undertaken to identify project feasibility and possible solutions that present a options in conjunction with associated costings.

Manufacture and testing of prototype sub-assemblies is followed by final product design, manufacture and commissioning. We ensure that client intellectual property is respected at all times.

Examples of custom HTS solutions and design concepts include:

  • High and low-rpm propulsion systems
  • Magnetic separation
  • Material control and handling
  • Energy generation applications